Friday, September 20, 2013

Weekly Roundup: Nudity Week #2

After our two posts this week on the subject of nudity (Naked Dark and (Not) Streaking at College), we're excited to announce our next topic: mental health. We wanted to talk about the ways that mental health issues are part of our bodily experience. [For example, depression is not a symptom of sin, it's about chemical imbalances in the brain.]

So: How have you experienced mental health issues in your life? Has it been related to your body? This could be directly, like if exercise helps mitigate its effects, or perhaps indirectly, such as if body image or expectations cause you anxiety or stress. Tell us your fears about it (will I ever conquer it?), your successes (I helped a friend find great counseling and now we can joke about it!), or anything else! NB: we previously hosted a series specifically on postpartum depression specifically (view the entries here)--but don't feel like you can't write on that if it's the aspect of mental health you really want to share.

We've got a little bit lined up, but we THRIVE on your submissions! Send us your thoughts and experiences using the info in the upper right. Also, we may be publishing one or two more submissions on nudity as they come in/get edited, so if you were thinking about writing something up, you can (and should!) still send it in.

A few weekly roundup items from around the internet related to this week's posts:
  • Alicia's awesome post from Monday included this absolutely lovely meditation: "When I am lying there looking at the underside of the universe from the water, I think about the thing that someone told me once: that our bodies are made from the cosmos, that we are literally made of star dust. Star dust has scattered and floated through the universe and settled on our humble planet and given life to the crops and animals that have fed me and given me life. The wind and air I breathe has risen up and settled into Earth’s atmosphere from the heights of heaven and the force of stars’ eruptions. This prayer is a prayer of communion with the entirety of the universe, and with the largess of God." Well, that someone who told her that was absolutely right! Listen to none other than astrophysicist superstar Neil deGrasse Tyson tell you all about it:
  • There was almost going to be one of the greatest collisions of opposite cultures ever in early October in Utah. The Utah Underwear Run was planned to head past Temple Square just as LDS General Conference was getting out on Saturday--but it looks like the city was worried about shepherding runners through all the traffic and so it will take place slightly later :( The organizers of the run were worried they might have to delay it another weekend, and that is trouble because "scheduling the run any later into October risks frigid, underwear-unfriendly temps" :)
  • You have to love the internet: of course there's a Mormon Skinny Dippers forum! With threads with titles like Can Mormons be Nudists? and Modesty & Nudity, it sounds interesting.
Any thoughts on our posts from this week or these random tidbits? Any suggestions? Leave a comment or submit something!

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