Tuesday, September 3, 2013

[insert idiom about reviving this blog]

This blog which began in the spring of 2012 was chugging along nicely until yours truly (my name is Dana if we haven't met.  I guess I sorta started this thing?  Hi there!) let her professional duties (oh you know putting on a full-fledged high school musical production.  If that doesn't sound too time-consuming, let's talk,) completely overwhelm her.  Everything that wasn't absolutely essential (food, sleep, running) went to pot.  Sadly, that included this blog.

In the months between then and now, I have received private messages and emails from quite a few of you asking what happened to this blog, and expressing a desire for it's return.  After months of emotionally and mentally wrestling with what to do with and about this blog, we are ready for its return.  My friend (and fellow moderator) Austin and I have decided the time is now.  

With that being said, please understand this blog exists because of submissions from readers like you!  We need your thoughts, experiences, feelings, and words on these topics.  

So let's get this ball rolling!  Let's get this show on the road!  Let's do this!  Vamanos!  Давайте!

The first topic (of MANY) we'd like to cover is nudity.

As a woman with many, regular, and varied locker room and skinny-dipping experiences, I am of the mindset that we in America don't see enough REAL nudity.  Our experience with what real human bodies (not airbrushed/photo-shopped/well-lit) look like underneath clothing is very limited.  What are your thoughts on this?  What has been your experience with nudity (whether of the same or opposite gender--whether your own or the nudity of others)?  Share one with us.  Do you feel uncomfortable about it?  Why?  Why not?  How does that word make you feel?  Nudity.  What is it like to look at your naked, relaxed body?  Do you wish this experience was any different?  How has it developed over time?  What influence does media have on the way you experience naked bodies, especially your own?  What scares you about the body?  What excites you?  

Submit your responses to dana.rose.fleming@gmail.com

We will begin posting next Monday.  You can expect a post every Monday and Wednesday with a "Weekly Body Roundup" on Friday.  The weekly roundup will include articles, blog posts, pictures, etc. that we found relevant to this blog from around the interwebz and which will hopefully prove interesting, inspiring, insightful to you!  

As a reminder, we are always accepting submissions on any topic regarding the body in general.

Welcome back, welcome back, welcome back!


  1. I think it is a lot better to see a smartly clothed body and use your imagination on appearance underneath. But then I am from the old school.

    1. You can totally submit your opnions! I would encourage it. There is even an anonymous email (details top right corner) that you can use to maintain your anonymous status!

  2. NUDITYYYYY... is my favorite.

    (except maybe in winter)

  3. I'm so glad you're back! I will work on something to contribute...this blog has been a great touchstone/perspective/make me be a little kinder myself place to visit.

  4. It's back! Love having this blog in my life. Woohoo!