Monday, February 18, 2013


A day late (or four days late) and a dollar short, but that's how I roll these days.

Happy V-Day, Valentine's Day, Your Ex-Boyfriend's Birthday, WHATEVER you celebrated on February 14th!  (I happened to have celebrated all three!)

I'm certain it was an amazing day for some, a terrible day for others, and just another day for most of us (it would have been for me HAD THERE NOT been red velvet cupcakes in the staff room.)

I want to apologize for seriously dropping the ball with this blog.  It is a passion of mine but life has gotten busier than I'm used to.  But get excited, folks, there are some good things coming.  As always, if you feel inspired to write about anything in the scope of this blog, send it my way!  (Which several of you have done, I just need to post those bad-boys).

Eating Disorder awareness week is coming up (February 24th-March 3rd) and so we'll find some great/informative reads for you to spread the awareness.

In this month of Valentines (and presidents) I challenge all of us to fall in love with our bodies.  Rekindle that old flame.  Think of the last time you loved your body.  Maybe you weren't even aware that you did.  Maybe you just loved what your body could do and the way your body made you feel.  Fall in love with running, singing, dancing, walking, biking, stretching, hugging, kissing, eating, hiking, seeing, smelling, hearing, and breathing.  Fall in love with your smile.  Fall in love with your thighs.  Fall in love with being alive.

a tired (but happy) drama teacher and a red rose to match the color of her stress-induced acne.

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