Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Male Body Image Issues

Everyone has body image problems to varying degrees, at least sometimes. While I think that our culture is most ruthless regarding the messages it sends about women's bodies, and so it's fitting that much of the conversation about this issue focuses on them, I also know that as a man I sometimes hate my body, too.

That's why I really appreciated a recent post by a man who confronted this issue head on. Fair warning, the article is centered around a couple of pictures of him nude, but they are honest and pure, certainly not pornographic. (I feel like this blog's readership is not generally the squeamish type about that stuff, but I do want to let people know what they're in for before they click.) The post is titled I’m Stark Naked: Deal With It and it's quite short, check it out.

One of the things he said stuck out to me: "I will not get into the things I’ve done out of self-hatred and shame and fear over the past decade or two. I will not repeat the deflections and lies I’ve said to women who’ve told me my body is sexy." I'm not good at accepting compliments in general, and I've definitely had experience with not being able to really believe that people I've dated truly thought I was good looking.

Man or woman, body shame stinks. You don't have to post nude pictures of yourself on the internet to get over it, but try to start to get over it in some way. Next time someone compliments your body, agree! Take time to look at your body and love it as real. See it as God sees it, or your lover sees it, or your parents saw it when you were born all chubby and funny-shaped and naked--in other words, see it as beautiful. At least try. I am.

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  1. I'm a woman with porn issues, and I loved this article, and that gallery of naked women a few weeks ago. The only frame of reference I HAVE for what people look like naked has been porn, which I know is unrealistic, but I still don't have any other frame of reference. These pictures look real, and when I see them, I feel affection and love and sympathy and joy, not lust and shame, and that's healing, for me. So thanks.