Tuesday, October 30, 2012

moms stay in the picture--two articles submited by Heather W.

Here is the ORIGINAL article, written by Allison Tate.

And here is a RESPONSE article on the same website.

These are incredible.  Thank you for sending them my way, Heather!

I love the point that Tate brings up in the first--how mothers are SO present in the lives of their children, but documentation might indicate otherwise.  Moms stay out of the picture, not because they don't want to be there, but due to shame regarding their less-than-perfect appearance.  I have memories from a very young age standing next to my mom in grocery stores and seeing celebrities in bikinis on magazine covers "How these hot mamas lost that baby weight!"  "Back in a bikini in only 6 weeks!"

Women are not only expected to (and far too many without the support of a spouse) create, carry, birth, and then rear children, never mind cleaning, cooking, education, employment, finances, and church/school/community obligations.  They are expected (oftentimes it seems, primarily by themselves and other women) to look smokin' hot while they do it all.  No wonder we have so many moms breaking down!

As always, I am in no way discouraging health or taking care of oneself.  But, as always, this discussion is not really about that, is it?

Let send the message to our sons and our daughters, our girls and our boys, that moms don't lose their voice, their worth, and their PRESENCE in our lives when they go grey, or don't wear makeup or cute clothes, or gain weight, or lose weight, have frizzy hair, or when their bodies take different and unexpected turns.

Get in the pictures, Moms.  And don't wait for tomorrow when you lose that weight, color your hair, and stop breastfeeding.  We love you and need you today.

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  1. Both these articles are beautiful and wonderful and gorgeous and a whole host of other adjectives! It very much makes me want to be in the picture too!

    I think that it also applies to everyone, not just moms. I have friends that don't want to be photographed because of the way they look, male and female, moms and dads or not. I love and treasure every picture of my friends and family where everyone is there and having fun and being happy, no matter what they look like. So not just moms, but everyone should get in the picture, not just for the children, but for everyone who loves you (and who you love too)!