Friday, August 24, 2012

P.S. #4: Pregnancy and Birth--by Audra

Being able to carry babies is amazing. That being said, for me it was full of a lot of unpleasant things. Throwing up, stretch marks, constant pain, aching joints,and little to no sleep. Your skin, hair, and attitude change. Everything smells, everything...SMELLS!! I would constantly have cravings. I was constantly hungry. I gained 70 pounds with my first child, 50 with my second, 60 with my third, 20 with my fourth, and 35 with my fifth. That's a lot of weight to loose and gain constantly, and it takes a toll on a woman, and there is only one reason I would subject my body to such torture...birthing a baby.

Having a baby and actually going through labor is amazing. IT HURTS. There is no getting around that. I try to explain to girls who ask me what birth feels like, and it's hard to explain. Some women do not have bad contractions, some women pop children out like it's an everyday activity. I am not one of those women, just because I have had five children doesn't mean it gets easier. I tend to tell those girls who ask me, that it feels like someone is stabbing you with a knife that's on fire in your "special girl parts", that about sums it up to me, and I have had epidurals with all my children. You women who do it naturally are amazing, I can't imagine birth without drugs. And yes I am one of those women who yell relentlessly at their husband and cry and scream, but I have always had the flare for the dramatic, oh well. I have had five kids and each of my labors have been unique, I have come close to death with number 4, been in terrible pain with number 3 and 5, felt almost nothing with 1 and experienced true fear with 2 and 5.

So, why do I keep doing it?

  Because I have never felt closer to heaven then when I hold my newborn children in my arms. All the pain and suffering instantly becomes worth it. I have a lot of birth stories, and the great thing about it, is that I feel the same every time I hold them, close to my Heavenly Father. I believe there is a God and there is a heaven mostly because of my experiences with my children. There is a quiet peace and serenity that falls over you when your child is born. My husband and I were in this weird state of pure happiness, joy, and love every time a child has been born to us. I imagine that is what heaven feels like. You feel the love you have for your spouse become more bonded and more deep when a child is born to you. You have become a co- creator with God,and made a body for one of His spirits, and that is an incredible feeling. You also get to meet someone that you would take care of and die for instantly, its very surreal. I love giving birth for one simple fact,  a child of God becomes my child too. What an honor as a woman to be given a child to teach and love for the rest of eternity. That's why I love giving birth, it's one day you will never forget. I don't remember the pain, or the sacrifice, I just remember the love.

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