Saturday, June 2, 2012

I Don't Feel Bad About My Body--submitted by Matt S.

I love this article for several reasons.  The first being that it was submitted by a guy.  Which means that there are, in fact, men reading this blog.  This is--in my humble opinion--a great thing.  Men who, with empathy, internalize these things and seek to make a change--to love and empower the women in their lives, are inspiring to me.  Matt (submitter of this article) is a wonderful person I met on my mission with a lovely, intelligent, and strong wife.  They just had twin daughters, who will undoubtedly grow up to be lovely, intelligent, and strong women.

Now.  Onto the article.  It's short, and sweet, and oh so insightful.  She isn't tackling any subjects we haven't already discussed on this blog, but she makes some very profound points, and states them very well.  Definitely worth your read.

The steps she took in her own life--deciding not to weigh herself, choosing to expose herself to as little media influence as possible.  The perspective she chose to take--not seeing her body as flawed, but rather societal standards of beauty and the way clothes are cut as falling short.  These are all things we can begin to do, even today.  It will take a concerted effort for most of us.  A worthwhile pursuit.  Join me?

I don't feel bad about my body


  1. I especially like her strength in the first half and I really hope she can see herself that way again soon. If you stop and think about it our bodies are miraculous and beautiful. I feel blessed to have found a man that confirms what I've always known, I am unique and beautiful. And he is too, we all are, we just forget sometimes.

  2. "I wanted to use the gym to maintain my fitness level but not to attempt to fix things about my body that I hated (and also because I am not competing to be a prize farm animal)."

    Best ever.

  3. I especially liked this article because it's the same with me. I've never put much stock into the "flaws" of my body. When I weighed the most, I was doing lots of sports in highschool and had lots of muscle. I was fine with that because it helped me excel in my sports. I see so many people worrying about their phsyical body and exercising only to lose weight and think they are being healthy by depriving themselves of the cookies I made for dessert. Sometimes it has made me wonder if something was wrong with me for not really caring! Even though I am skinny right now and people "compliment" me on being in shape and being so healthy, I have to laugh because I'm in the worst shape I've ever been in and I am certainly not eating all the healthy foods that I know my body needs! The worlds view of healthy is deceiving and wrong. How does one get past it to not feel bad about their body? I think first of all it needs to be a conscious choice, like for this author, to ignore the taunting of society (the great and spacious building)and then to fill the mind with other uplifting or spiritual thoughts to force the focus elsewhere. Clean the vessel from the inside out. Hold to the rod with eyes on the tree of life that has fruit that will bring true joy. Easier said than done for those already caught in the trap, but these stories on this blog show that there is hope and there is healing.