Friday, June 15, 2012

ED Talks--a series on eating disorders

Some of you remember the post where I gave a link to a documentary I helped make about eating disorders, as well as numerous facts about eating disorders.

If you don't remember this, or would like a review--the link is here.

Alyssa Crawford Documentary and Statistics

In response to this, I was amazed at how little people (especially guys) know about eating disorders.  Out of all mental illnesses, it has the highest fatality rate.  I get it though.  I wasn't even sure that I had an eating disorder the first year I had it (and I was throwing up multiple times daily!)

Many individuals who struggle with this (or who have struggled with this) don't share their story.  Or they share it only with a select few.

I want your stories.  We want your stories.  They will open the minds and hearts of those who read them, and possibly save lives.  Writing them will empower you (and possibly save your life).  Give it a name.  Start to kill it.

If you are willing to share your story but would rather remain anonymous, we can do that.  Email it to me and simply request to be anonymous, or you can use the embody gmail account to mail me your story for total anonymity (I won't even know who wrote it!)

Details on how to do

But what to write?  These stories can be so expansive, and I think it might be most meaningful to focus them in.  Here are a few prompts.  PLEASE feel free to come up with your own, or choose one, or several, or none of these.

When did you first realize that you had an eating disorder?
When did you first try to stop?  Why?
Why do(did) you keep on doing it?  It's so dangerous.  You know that, right?
What are(were) you afraid to let go of?
What goes on in the daily life and in the mind of a woman/man/human who is anorexic/bulimic?
If you could rid yourself completely of the disorder tomorrow, would you?  Why or why not?
If you could go back and talk to the girl you knew before the disorder, what would you tell her?
What do you feel that people who don't have an eating disorder will just never understand?
What has this disorder cost you?
Do you see freedom?  How?  Do you want freedom?  Why?  Why not?

If you are recovered, I would LOVE for you to focus a bit on your healing process as well (perhaps a separate entry?  Perhaps the same?)

How were you able to stop?  Why did you stop?
What was stopping like?  Was it cold turkey or a slow weaning?
What aspects of the disordered eating do you still struggle with?

I know these things are difficult to write about, and I want you to know that I understand and respect you if you don't.  But please.  If you can, do.  People need your story.  Women AND men need to know about this.  Above all, you need your story.  Tell it.  Give it a voice.  Give it a name.  Fight it.

ALSO!  if you know someone (anyone) else with an eating disorder (past or present), will you please forward this to them?  If they are close to you and their disorder has influenced your life, I'd love your story as well.  Thank you!

from one sister to another...


  1. Hey, I just thought I'd point out that, in your questions, you specify "mind of a woman." As far as I know, men/boys suffer from eating disorders, too. Maybe not so many, but it's just as bad for the ones who do. Maybe the wording should reflect that we'd like to hear their stories, too, if they are up for sharing them?

  2. Great point--thank you Jocelyn! We would LOVE to hear their stories. Changed.

  3. This is a really good idea. I am very interested in what people have to say. I am always amazed at the strength people have in them overcome the serious problems that affect them.