Sunday, June 3, 2012

Body Poem 2012--by Zarah

My hair is getting longer. 
I cut it off three years ago and have kept it above my shoulders 'til now. 
It falls just above the downward angle of my shoulder blades. 
Soft waves frame my face as frizzy curls tickle my ear lobes. 

My thighs are stretching. 
Voluptuous with soft skin surrounding muscles and fat. 
Stretchmarks tell me where I used to be and how quickly I've spread. 
But I'm OK with that. 

Most of me is getting wider.
My stomach pooches outward,seemingly ambivalent to all my efforts for the opposite effect. 
Breasts that have always been large, even after surgery, are once again full to brimming. 
All around I'm getting softer. 

My feet are getting quicker.
Up and down mountains, through the city, through the corridors at work. 
They are familiar friends that have taken me everywhere I've wanted to go. 
Fast is good. It means more adventures. 

My face tells my story. 
Smiles remain on longer when the crinkles remember where to stay. 
Fine lines tell people that I'm not 18, as they initially suppose.  
Rosy tint warms my cheeks. 

My heart is growing.
Every day new pockets are forming to contain so much more than I could have imagined.
More people, more things, more appreciation. 
My love is deeper.

A quarter of a century down.
Three more to go with changes that I cannot yet anticipate.
And then what? What happens when my body slowly changes into something new? 
Onward. I slip onward into eternity. 

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