Thursday, May 24, 2012

"I Love How I Look" by Jenni Schaefer--submitted by Sara Vranes

CLICK HERE to read what was the lead article on the Huffington Post website quite recently.  Great little post about changing the way we talk, think, and eventually feel about beauty and our bodies.

You will find much you like here, but what one of my favorite things she brings up is how women have a tendency to bond over negative self-talk, and how damaging that is.  A-men.  I had a wise roommate my sophomore year who refused to engage me on such conversations, and it literally changed my life.  Fight negative self-talk.  If a friend starts to talk about how fat she looks or how big her thighs or pimple-y her face is, change the subject.   Leave the conversation.  Express a love and gratitude for your own body.  If you have time, sit down and have a serious discussion about why she feels this way and what really matters in a woman.  ANYthing but the oh-too-common "No you don't!  My thighs are SO much bigger than yours.  Plus, I have stretch marks!  Ew."  And on, and on, and on.  Let's stop the madness!  Be courageous!

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