Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Anonymous Stories

So, maybe some stories surrounding the body might be a bit too painful, a bit too personal, or just a bit too fresh to discuss with your name.  But maybe you still desire to share them.  We need to hear them.  I have created the anonymous email as an option for remaining entirely anonymous.  Please, please, please respect this email account and only use it when you need to.  I have placed the log-in information on the side bar to be accessed any time.

Here is the gmail information

gmail account: embodyanon
password: embody2012

Here is the information/instructions in the inbox.

And welcome to the anonymous email address for the embody blog.  This email was created so submissions, if so desired, can be truly anonymous.  If you would like to make a submission to the blog, make certain to do the following things:

1. Make certain that you've changed the names and/or locations you want (and let me know if this is the case)
2. Give your piece a title
3. email to dana.rose.fleming@gmail.com (be sure to include any documents or links or pictures)
4. go to the sent folder and delete what you've sent
5. go to the trash folder and "delete forever"

As a reminder, if you would like to be anonymous to readers, but don't mind my knowing your authorship, you can simply email from your address and request to be anonymous--this is ideal if you'd like to communicate with me about the piece or if I need to communicate with YOU (ie: discuss changes, clarify things before posting).  

The anonymous option is for when you really need it to communicate openly and honestly about something that might be painful, embarrassing, or just too personal to relate with your name attached to it.  PLEASE use this if you so desire.  That being said, when you can, own your work.  There is something very healing and empowering about owning your experiences, and you never know who you can help by doing so.  

Best, and happy writing!  Happy healing.  Happy bodies.  

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