Sunday, April 29, 2012

Seeing yourself as others do--submitted by Charla Finnigan

In this article by Miki Meek, and these self-portraits by Jen Davis, we are presented with artistry, a story, and some inescapable realities about how we see fat bodies.

I went to a dance concert the other night.  In some of the numbers, there were two girls much larger than any other dancing body on stage.  In my post-eating-disorder/feminist/body-image activitist/NEVERTHELESS-socially conditioned mind, I had a hard time knowing what to do with what I saw.  They danced the same as anyone else--their steps were in time and they knew the choreography.  They danced with legs and arms and torsos that weren't so different from that of the other women on stage--only that they were larger.  I have more thoughts about this experience that I will share in a different post (ideas on artistry in dance working with, not against, the "fat" body) but in the mean time, read this article, look at these pictures.

What does looking at these pictures do to you?  What thoughts come that are confusing or upsetting?  What do you find yourself thinking about your own body, and how others see your body?  How do you look at a fat body?  Why do you look at it that way?  How do you wish others looked at your body?

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