Sunday, April 22, 2012

Exploring Mormon Thought: Sex--Submitted by Austin Smith

"The intimacy of sex hinges on the intimacy of a shared confession that we both are bodies and that these bodies we share are, even to ourselves, a mystery."  Read here for more.  Thoughts?  Responses? 

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  1. Just to clarify, I only submitted the link--the article is written by someone who (I assume) is not single.

    I thought this part was really well-said: "Take pornography as a counterpoint. From the perspective of consumption, the problem with pornography is not that it involves too much flesh, too much objectification, too much materiality. The problem with pornography is that it disconnects sex from the difficulty and demands of real bodies and substitutes air-brushed spectacle instead. Pornography is spectral and it is consumed by ghosts."

    The author goes on to say "Being a body, being human is not simple. We are objects, not just subjects." That seems to me (again, being far from an expert feel free to discount whatever opinions I have on the subject) to be the key obstacle to healthy sexuality: not the objectification of the body (which is an object), but objectifying the body as completely separate from the soul. It's not bad at all for me to see a beautiful female body and notice it and see it as attractive--what would be bad is if I don't remember that that body is only one aspect of a full, complex daughter of God. Sexuality (and bodies-as-objects) is fine, and even divine, as long as taken in context rather than as the ultimate end. Mormonism, I think, does a great job (when rightly understood and explained) of keeping both the physical and the spiritual parts of us in the right balance.

    At least, those are my initial thoughts. Thanks for posting the link, Dana!